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About me

Currently I'm working as a 3D teacher of educational studies and degree in product design, graphic design and interior design. In my teaching I mix traditional techniques with clay and design with SketchUp and Pepakura. Then here there is a version of Rodin's Thinker designed by me with SketchUp and made of cardboard through Pepakura software.

The wonderful world of homebrew games and handheld game consoles

I'm graduate of a Master's Degree at the University of Castellon with an academic research writing about homebrew games for the Nintendo DS. The research was made inside the Master's Degree in New Trends and Innovation Processes in Communication. Today I'm doing the PhD directed by Dr. César Fernández within the same master's program.

Pre-electronical time

Throughout my life I've lost a lot of time making noise. After a period of mixing music tracks by the analog way, one day, thanks to Apple, came to my hands a software called GarageBand. Since then that is all I need to edit my music.

The theme "Hot Summer" from this "pre-electronic" time is an example of how I started making music, playing with Apple loops included with GarageBand and acquiring complementary sound packs.

"A day in Brazil" is a theme where the acoustic and electric elements are quite prominence. The lyrics of the song "Ausiàs March" are an English translation of an Ausiàs March poem by the professor Robert Archer.

In "Electric Bass" all sounds except the drum machine and vocals are done with an electric bass.

I have not included all the tracks recorded because some of them are generated with third author loops that don't clearly indicate if I'm allowed to distribute a work created with them. In the 1st, 2nd and 3rd themes I have used some Apple loops (JamPack World Music), Classic Rock loops and Synthpop loops (Advanced Media Group). In the 4th theme some sound from the Future Music magazine.

1. Hot Summer · 2. A day in Brazil
3. Ausiàs March · 4. Electric Bass

Bach loved Kaossilator & Nintendo

What?, Didn't you know that Bach loved the Kaossilator? There is the proof here.

This is a selection of themes where the inspiration is the Kaossilator, the pocket synthesizer that is played without keyboard with a trackpad like a laptop, and Bach.

Also "Nintendo Style" (especially with the sounds of Nintendo DS) Brandenburg 2 and Brandenburg 6 are two versions of the Brandenburg Concerto no. 2 in F major (first movement Allegro) and Brandenburg Concerto no. 6 in B flat Major (also the movement Allegro). If Bach leaves the grave someday I hope he won't get angry too much!

1. Bach loves Kaossilator · 2. Fuga
3. Kaossilator vs Nintendo · 4. Brandenburg 6
5. Brandenburg 2

Pre-Drums & Bass

The musical style of the themes that you can download below, probably the purists will say that's not exactly drum & bass. For me the style is just a label. Here, in my music are particularly important rhythms and bass lines. The experiment began with a Casio's VL-Tone and a bass and the result is the theme "Casio VL1". The theme "Garage Waltz" I began to develop it in the same way as the previous, with a drum machine and a bass.

I never know how I will finish my music and perhaps some of my themes can be considered unfinished, I say... the day has just 24 hours.

1. CASIO VL1 · 2. Garage Waltz


Here there are three more "dance themes" that the previous. In "Disco Dance Beat" I have used a loop of the "Future Music" magazine. "Kaossilator Dance Beat" is a dance track with jazz influences where the Kaossilator synthesizer is what stands out. "Kaossilator Trance Beat" is made wholly and exclusively with the Kaossilator synthesizer.

I don't know if I can describe these themes as a more commercial music. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them.

1. Disco Dance Beat · 2. Kaossilator Dance Beat
3. Kaossilator Trance Beat

Symphonic time

Here there is a sample of some themes that could be called "symphonics." I don't try to make "songs" that can be hummed, instead I want to experiment with sampled sounds and to develop a musical composition that will evolve into the unexpected.

Almost all samples are instruments played by me, except for one loop of Future Music magazine and the wonderful sampled sounds by Ben Boldt ( ~ bold0070/) , reproduced in the theme "Mozart's Funeral".

1. Bay of Bray · 2. Cacophonous Song
3. Mozart's Funeral · Tema 4. Simple Bass

In preparation "l'Araceli" of "El Misteri d'Elx"

Flash animation interactive infographics

A city street. Infographic showing how is the inside structure of a street in a city.

Human vision. Infographic showing how human vision works.

You need the Flash plugin to view the infographics correctly.

Illustrations in the PC Media magazine

For a time, I have been publishing in magazines, illustrations, graphics, drawings, cartoons and comics. Here there are some examples of illustrations for the PC MEDIA magazine.


Examples of some work done in Alphamedia advertising company.

Onilco Innovación

Examples of work done in the company ONILCO INNOVACION (FAMOSA Group)

Web design

Some websites developed at the companies Fotograbados García and Lobocom Sistemas. At present website domains not correspond to work done by me.


For a time, I have been publishing in magazines, comic strips and comic stories. Here there are some examples.


Animated short film made using SketchUp (intro) and Anime Studio. Click on the image to see the short film on YouTube.


You can contact me at my email address, in fact, I gladly welcome personal email intended specifically for me! Kudos, questions, & corrections are all welcome.